Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Variable valve timing solenoids are one of the many parts that makes variable valve timing (VVT) possible. Many mass market vehicles started to use VVT systems over two decades ago. Most passenger vehicles sold today have a VVT system. VVT switches an engine’s valve timing and lift duration based on different engine speeds to ensure the most power at both low and high RPM ranges. A VVT system also improves on fuel economy and emissions over an engine that lacks it. To switch valve timing, a VVT solenoid receives an electronic signal from the vehicle’s ECU and then changes the supply of oil pressure that travels through it to the camshaft phaser. This causes the rotor inside of the phaser to move in order to change camshaft timing.

All variable valve timing solenoids sold by True Parts Incorporated have undergone various testing for quality assurance. Each VVT solenoid meets or exceeds OE specifications. Our variable valve timing solenoids easily plug into the original electrical harness and precisely mount into the stock location. All required gaskets are included. There are over 200 SKUs available in the TPI line. Each part is carefully packed with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:

Old or dirty oil can cause a buildup of sludge and metal debris that may stop the solenoid from moving freely. The electrical parts of a variable valve timing solenoid are prone to failure as well. A failing solenoid can cause a rough idle and weak low RPM performance or poor performance at high RPMs. A failure will likely cause a check engine light code such as a P1349 in Toyota engines. Replacing a fouling variable valve timing solenoid restores smooth performance and returns your vehicle to normal operation with power, responsiveness and efficiency restored.

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