Fuel Pump

An electric fuel pump uses a motor and signals from the vehicle’s ECU to push the proper amount of fuel from the fuel tank to the fuel injection system of a modern vehicle. Most fuel pumps also have a sensor that measures the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.

TPI supplies fuel pumps and complete modules with a limited lifetime warranty. We offer over 300 SKU’s and we continue to expand our product line. TPI’s fuel pumps and modules are all thoroughly tested against heat, cold and vibration. Our fuel pump modules are complete with all strainers, lock rings, and O-rings. TPI’s production facilities are QSO/ISO certified.

Failure Mode:

Failure symptoms include low or no fuel pressure, high fuel pump current draw, noisy fuel pump, and an inoperative fuel level gauge. When replacing a fuel pump it is always best to replace the fuel filter.

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