MAP Sensor

A MAP, manifold absolute pressure, sensor is usually attached to a vehicle’s intake manifold. It reports load data, or vacuum to the ECU. This helps the ECU to regulate fuel delivery and in some cases ensures that the EGR valve is operating properly.

We often add new SKUs to this line as we cover a wider range of vehicles. TPI’s products are manufactured in ISO and QSO certified facilities. Each MAP sensor is checked to meet or exceed OEM specifications and is tested against, heat, cold, vibration and salt spray. We feel it is important to ensure our products will perform properly for many years to come. Each sensor is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid moisture and oxidization.

Failure Mode:

Manifold absolute pressure sensors can fail over time due to vibration and dirt. Hard starting, sputtering or poor fuel economy can be possible symptoms of a bad MAP sensor. A P0105 or similar OBD-II system code might be causedby a failing MAP sensor.

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