Electric Water Pump

The electric water pump is a high-performance pump with virtually unlimited flexibility. Unlike traditional belt-driven water pumps, the electric pump is powered by completely variable electrical current. An electric water pump allows the manufacturer to set the speed at which coolant courses through the engine at any given time. This benefits an engine by being more fuel efficient and reacting quicker to its cooling needs. The ECM and electric water pump continuously communicate using pulse width modulation.

At True Parts Incorporated we carry over 70 SKUs of our electric water pumps. Each electric water pump is made to precisely match the OEM part it will replace to ensure proper performance. TPI’s production facilities are QSO/ISO certified. Each part is carefully packed with a silica bag to avoid moisture and oxidization.

Failure Mode:

An electric water pump failure has all of the same consequences as a failing standard water pump. Thankfully, a faulty electric water pump will in most casesilluminate a check engine light long before a vehicle over heats.

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