Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor is a critical component in today’s modern vehicles. Although quite simple in operation, the mass air flow sensor is an extremely complex component. It is responsible for measuring the flow rate of air before the air reaches the intake manifold. This information is sent to the ECU in order to regulate ignition timing and fuel injection. This in turn ensures that optimum vehicle performance and proper emission targets are achieved.

TPI supplies a complete range of aftermarket OE quality mass air flow sensors with over 500 SKUs. We are constantly adding product to this line. Our new manufacturing facility is QSO/ISO certified and filled with state of the art equipment. Each mass air flow sensor is checked to ensure it meets or exceeds OEM specifications and is tested against, heat, cold and vibration. Each sensor is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:

Dirt and debris can damage a mass air flow sensor if the intake hoses, air filter or air filter housing is compromised. Vibration and moisture are other possible causes of failure. A bad mass air flow sensor can create inconstant drivability issues, poor fuel economy and an illuminated check engine light. P0101 is the most common OBD-II code for a faulty mass air flow sensor.

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