Camshaft Position Sensor

Camshaft Position SensorA camshaft sensor measures the camshaft rotation speed and position. These parts signal the ECU with a frequency that changes with engine speed. Information on engine speed and position is vital data used by the ECU to regulate when spark plugs are fired, when to inject fuel and the amount injected. A working camshaft sensor is vital to the proper operation of any modern automotive engine.

For your convenience, True Parts Incorporated offers over 300 SKUs of our camshaft position sensors. TPI’s entire line of sensors meets or exceeds OEM specifications and are individually tested against heat, cold, vibration and salt spray to ensure that a TPI sensor will be the solution rather than the problem. TPI’s production facilities are QSO/ISO certified. Each sensor is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:

A failing camshaft sensor often leads to an engine that runs rough or doesn’t start at all. A P0340 or similar code is likely to be produced by an ECU that is not receiving consistent signals from the camshaft.

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