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Knock Sensor

Knock Sensor

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Engine knocking or pinging is caused by a shockwave when an unburned air and fuel mixture ignites out of sequence of the ignition system. A knock sensor uses a piezoelectric element to sense abnormal vibrations such as knocking. When knocking takes place, the ECU receives a signal from the knock sensor and retards ignition timing to avoid the knocking condition. Knock sensors allow engineers to design powertrains with more aggressive tuning for more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions without fear of damaging engines.

TPI’s knock sensors are all thoroughly tested against heat, cold, vibration and salt spray, our production facilities are QSO/ISO certified. Each knock sensor meets or exceeds OEM standards. We offer well over 200+ SKUs and we are continuously expanding our product line for the satisfaction of our customers. Each sensor is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid moisture and oxidization.

Failure Mode:

Knock sensors do fail over time due to vibration, corrosion and dirt. A defective knock sensor can lead to problems such as lower fuel economy, slow acceleration and an illuminated check engine light.

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