Ignition Distributor

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TPI’s new ignition distributors can help you reduce YOUR core investment in a declining category. Mechanical distributor systems have been disappearing from automotive applications for several decades as coil on plug designs have allowed for more flexible engine management systems. An ignition distributor has a shaft that uses the rotation of the camshaft to spin. While it spins, different spark plug wires receive electrical current in time with the RPM of the engine.

Regardless of decreasing popularity, no inventory is complete without a line of distributors. There is no need for us to explain why selling our new distributors are easier than sellingremanufactured units from the competition. Avoiding the hassle of having cash tied up in core fees is an obvious logistical advantage. True Parts Incorporated offers ignition distributors in over 200 SKUs. Our manufacturing facility, located in Taiwan, has produced distributors for over 20 years. Our facility is QSO/ISO certified. TPI distributors are complete and ready to install without the worry of core returns. Each unit is individually tested to withstand shock, heat and vibration. Each component is individually checked to ensure it meets design specifications and functionality before the full unit is assembled. All of our distributors are carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:
A failing distributor can cause several possible issues such as, misfiring, rough running, stalling and lack of power. Worn electrical contacts, seized bearings, overheated or burnt components are some of the causes of a failing ignition distributor. A defective distributor often causes a lite check engine light accompanied with a P0320 or similar code.