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Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

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Ignition coils convert a low voltage current to high voltage energy that is delivered to the spark plug to ignite the air fuel mixture within the cylinder. Many coils for modern vehicles are designed to perform the functions of both the ignition coil and the spark plug wire set.

At TPI we produce our coils to meet or exceed OE standards for spark energy, signal phase, resistance, and durability. The core of each coil has an internal permanent magnet surrounded by magnetic laminated steel for maximum voltage output at all speeds. The high impact case is durable with excellent thermal qualities and the high temperature spark plug boot contains a conductive stainless steel spring with a radio static noise suppressor. Over 700 SKUs are available. Each part is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid moisture and oxidization.

Failure Mode:
A failing coil will cause a misfire in the cylinder(s) it affects. This can lead to an engine that runs rough and lacks power. A P0300 or similar code is likely to be caused by a crippled ignition coil but could also originate from weak cylinder compression, a clogged fuel injector, bad spark plug or plug wire.

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Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil
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