Idle Air Valve

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The idle air control valve is common on fuel injected vehicles. The vehicle’s PCM uses the valve to help regulate engine idle speed. Inside of the idle air control valve, a servo motor pushes on a plunger that controls air flow that bypasses the valve.

At TPI we offer over 120 SKUs of our idle air control valves. These parts are the best in the aftermarket and are built to keep dirt and moisture out. TPI’s idle air control valves are all thoroughly tested against heat, cold, vibration and salt spray. TPI’s production facilities are QSO/ISO Certified. Each part is carefully packed with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:
The idle air control valve can fail over time when dirt or oil hinders the movement of the actuator. When it happens, the servo motor can be damaged. Stalling or an inconstant idle can be caused by a failing idle air control valve. A check engine light code of P0505 might be another sign of failure.