Auxiliary Water Pump

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The popularity of auxiliary water pumps (AWP) has been trending upward for the last few decades as automotive heating and cooling systems become more complex. AWPs are used for many different reasons and can be found in cars as simple as a small SUV to exotic luxury cars. Auxiliary water pumps can be used by forced induction engines for the purpose of keeping the turbocharger cool. Many new automobiles have larger heater cores to aid in passenger comfort and an AWP can aid in supplying the needs of those heater cores. Some vehicles, such hybrid cars, are using engine stop/start systems. When the engine stops running, it is necessary to have a secondary water pump to keep the coolant circulating.

At True Parts Incorporated we offer our auxiliary water pumps in dozens of SKUs. Each water pump is made to precisely match the OEM part it will replace to ensure proper performance. TPI’s production facilities are QSO/ISO certified. Each pump is carefully packaged with a silica bag to avoid oxidization and moisture.

Failure Mode:

The signs of a failing auxiliary water pump can be difficult to spot. Auxiliary water pumps may leak when they fail just as a standard water pump would. Given that they are often deep within the engine bay of a vehicle, a leak can go unnoticed. A low coolant reservoir may be the only sign of a failing AWP. Other signs could be an ineffective cabin heating system or a diagnostic